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Hey amigos, CyberTron is now Planet Liam at Check it out! 😀 Don’t forget to check out this blog though, maybe every once and a while i’ll stop by and soak up the memories. 🙂


Back up and running!

Starting now, I’m going to try to start the blog back up again! I fell into a pit like this in the past, but I climbed out, and I’m going to do it again! So, just check out the blog whenever you can! Adios! :mrgreen:

EDIT: Okay, maybe I need some help. Authors, all I ask is post. Peace!


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Introducting…… TALKBLOK! :D

You might be thinking, “What the heck is TalkBlok?” Well, it’s a new blog I made for chatters to….. well, CHAT THEIR HEADS OFF!!!! 😀 So, check it out! Ze Tron iz outta here! PEACE!

I’m Back peoples, and the PNB too!

HELLO PEOPLES!  I am here to make an announcement…..


Yea, I just made a new post.  I’m hoping that all the authors will come back(i’m talking about you cybertron, XD) you know, Jaz, Shadoo, you know.  I just wanted to tell everyone out there!

Also, I’m back from the dead! My blog( is running too.  Also, I am center in football now.

~Neat Tornado

Testing, testing, 1… 2…

Howdy! Um, this is a peek at something I’m working on.

The Answers To The Impossible Quiz for iPod

WILL Link be able to get the bucket off without detailed instructions? WILL Doctor Strangepork fing something else to put his tissue samples in? IS Flash McBuck really still single? Join us next time for the answers to a different set of questions entirely on…


Note: This PIGS IN SPAAACE! thing was taked from The Muppet Show Comic Book! 😀 GO MUPPETS!


Well, first of all, sorry I’ve been so inactive. Second,  I called the title VIDEOGAMES….. because I just finish my videogame camp, which was wicked cool. My game was called “Clone” and it’s about a clone warrior trying to destroy the Energy Empire for taking over Galactica City, (which also the city in Megaman) Right now I’m working the next game, “Clone: Ultimate Warrior” I’d be open for suggestions at any time. CyberTron out!

Please check out my deviantART!

I don’t have a lot of good poetry CURRENTLY but SOME good poetry is wayyy back so please click on”Browse Gallery”. I’m an emotional writer, so it may seem depressing. :/ Please check out my poetry! 😛 And if possible, create an account and add me to your deviantwatch! I always write new poetry, and I also do requests! Sorry of you think my poetry’s terrible, i have a limited vocabulary. 😆

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out my blog in ze post below! Sorry for advertising so much. 😳

Random pic from my iPod (Its from an app. Mehehheheheh my dog is an awesome detective)

Mehehheh x)

Sorry for not posting. pHey, I was just wondering, what should I post on this blog? Is there anything that would interest you? I tend to talk about things a LOT, aka drone on. x)

But also, if some of you are soccer/football fans then you probably saw the World Cup Finals! I was skipping around the house! My brother owes me 10 dollars! Why? Because Spai won! VIVA ESPAÑA! Erm, that’s all. :mrgreen: I’m just really happy!

Ooh yeah! And this random photo:

And check out my blog! Well, basically it’s a blog for ANYTHING! It’s about daydreams and stuff, floating in the clouds, hence the name “Learning To Fly” 😀 If you wanna join just tell meh. I don’t have a personal blog, because I don’t know what to call it! Besides, I probably wouldn’t keep track of anything there. xD


Would you rather see or be seen?

Believe me, I’d rather see, than be seen

You can do much more things in life seeing other places or interesting people. People who like to be seen spend their time in one place, stay there for the rest of their life, waiting for someone to see them. Sometime I’d like to be seen, talk with someone, be admired, but all my life? No way!

You’re in charge today. You make the rules.

New Rule: Everything you imagine is real.

There’s nothing wrong with imagination. Try and take it to the furthest point.
Everything you imagine is real.
Imagine a cloud becomes your best friend. Imagine all you wishes come true. Imagine you live in a fairytale. Imagine you are a princess. Imagine you can fly. Imagine that today, everything you imagine becomes real.

Where do all of these cool questions come from? PLINKY.COM!

Click here to read the post about it.

I hope you like Plinky! Here’s a question to get you thinking…

You’re in charge today. You make the rules.

List what’s going to be different.

Rule 1:

Explain why this changes now:

*Walks away, instead of disappearing for a change*
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