Help! This is very IMPORTANTE!! :D

You know the blog I work in, Well, CyberTron (Another really cool person who works in that awesome blog) needs help! He is making a project which ALL Poptropica players will be very interested in. Here’s the main idea of what it’s going to be about:

A Sneak Peek At A Awesome Idea

Hi poptropicans from around the WWW!  Remember that thing I told you about?   Well, here it is. It’s the PNB Complete and Collect Club (CCC).  It’s a newsletter which has mission and when completed, you get, yep, that’s it, rewards. Rewards such as, huh, I don’t know, maybe…… CREDITS!!! MAYBE EVEN MEMBERSHIP!!! ( I don’t know about membership. Maybe. ) FREE APPS FROM US!!!  STUFF FROM I-TUNES!!!!!! (maybe)  I don’t know if i’ll work, but if you want it, just tell us by commenting on this post. Even if you do, i’ll need ALOT of help, coders, writers, stuff like that. PEACE OUT, YO!!!


And I’m going to be a writer in that project! YAY!

The thing is, Cybertron’s only got 4 members, and he needs more or less 60. SO, think about it, because its gonna be really cool! Here’s what you need to do:

CCC SignUp

To sign up for the PNB’s Complete and Collect Club, you need to comment and:

A.  Say your name and email. (if you’re a PNB staff member then email not needed)

B. Say the job you’d like.

C. Please state your PNB code number. To find that out, the first and last digits should be the month you were born in and the middle should be three letters in ABC order.

That’s it. BINGOBANGOBUNGO!!!!!!!

Note: Limit to 20 for each job, so sign up quickly or you might lose your chance

List of Helpers:

Writers: Annie, Super Thunder

Coders: N/A

Designers: Neat Tornado, MagicShadow

See, only 4 people! But I promise ya, its gonna be SOOOO cool!

If you click on this text it will take you to that page and in the comments if you put the details, then BOOM, you’re in! (It’s AS SIMPLE AS THAT!)


About Jaz

A kid who wants to be a reporter when older! :)

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  1. Neat Tornado

    I’ll tell people about it!

    CyberTron: Thanks! YOU GO, TORNADO!

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