I’m bored…..

EDIT: The contest extended to July 21!

So am I gonna’ do a contest? Yes I am! *OooOooOo* And that’s contest is……… *badumbadumbadum*


Wait, did I spell scenes wrong? Well, that’s isn’t our major problem. The problem is that you’re sitting there wondering, “What is he talking about?!” Well, you probably know about Silly Bandz, right? Well, I’m going to ask you guys to make scenes with them and add a short story to it. To enter, you must:

A. Have Silly Bandz or anything of shaped bands that you can wear.

B. Have a camera that you can use.

That’s all! So, enter by July 15 and post your submissions in a comment below!

Peace. Love. Pie. That’s how I roll.



About Chase Winter

Maybe to in to Daft Punk, just maybe.

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  1. Neat Tornado

    I haven’t got any silly bandz yet… But never, ever, buy googly bands!

  2. Haha, cool. I have a few Silly Bandz, but they’re all at home and I’m in China. Could you extend the time a little? I’m going to be back home on June 21st, :/

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