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Movin’ right along…

Hey amigos, CyberTron is now Planet Liam at Check it out! ūüėÄ Don’t forget to check out this blog though, maybe every once and a while i’ll stop by and soak up the¬†memories. ūüôā


Back up and running!

Starting now, I’m going to try to start the blog back up again! I fell into a pit like this in the past, but I climbed out, and I’m going to do it again! So, just check out the blog whenever¬†you can! Adios! :mrgreen:

EDIT: Okay, maybe I need some help. Authors, all I ask is post. Peace!


Music Playlist at

Introducting…… TALKBLOK! :D

You might be thinking, “What the heck is TalkBlok?” Well, it’s a new blog I made for chatters to….. well, CHAT THEIR HEADS OFF!!!! ūüėÄ So, check it out!¬†Ze Tron iz outta here! PEACE!

Testing, testing, 1… 2…

Howdy! Um, this is a peek at something I’m working on.

The Answers To The Impossible Quiz for iPod

WILL Link be able to get the bucket off without detailed instructions? WILL Doctor Strangepork fing something else to put his tissue samples in? IS Flash McBuck really still single? Join us next time for the answers to a different set of questions entirely on…


Note: This PIGS IN SPAAACE! thing was taked from The Muppet Show Comic Book! ūüėÄ GO MUPPETS!


Well, first of all, sorry I’ve been so inactive. Second,¬† I called the title VIDEOGAMES….. because I just finish my videogame¬†camp, which was wicked cool. My game was called “Clone” and it’s about a clone warrior¬†trying to destroy¬†the Energy Empire for taking over Galactica¬†City, (which also the city in Megaman) Right now I’m working the¬†next game, “Clone: Ultimate Warrior” I’d¬†be open for suggestions at any time. CyberTron out!

Da Reviews Page

Well, I decided to make a review page on the blog where¬†I review books, movies, blogs, websites, video games, stuff like that. Speaking of reviews, go check out Annie’s Review Blog, an awesome review blog of hers! Rock out!


It’s a fantastical world, you know.

Last Tuesday, I went to……… [please enter your guess in here] Just kiddin’, to Jim Henson’s Fantastical World exhibit, which was sorta like a walk through Jim’s archives, which I thought was really cool. Ya know why? Because I saw some awesome stuff, like the real Kermit the Frog from the 1970’s, Rowlf the Dog, sketches,¬†outfits and¬†props from the movie, The Dark Crystal, and more!

A rockin’ weekend.

This weekend was filled with awesomeness. On Saturday, I went to Uncle’s B-Day, I know what you’re thinkin’, “Blah blah blah. Cut to the¬†chase already!” After that, I saw one of the coolest things on Earth, Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular!!! ūüėÄ The show was mostly a robo-dino sorta thing, but some¬†got super close to you and roared in ya face! So, it was nice. So, next up, Father’s Day. After the gift giving and whatnot, we went to a AEROSMITH concert¬†pool party!¬† I was in da pool 24/7, but I still ate some good ol’ cupcakes. Speaking of which, I could eat some right now! :mrgreen: *gets a box of cupcakes*¬† CUPCAKES FOR ALL!!! Also, today was my last day of school! T. G. I. Summer! Peace out, world!

Poptropica: Skullduggery Island

You probably know about Poptropica, an online world where you can explore, collect, and compete. Well, their newest island is called Skullduggery Island. In that island, you must trade to make doubloons to upgrade ships and hire crew members, battle evil pirates and sea monsters, and travel on your ship and find new lands throughout the sea! Seems cool? If you do, check it out¬†on! ¬†Here’s also a link to see the official trailer to check out what it’s really like before you play!¬† So, peace out, peeps!

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