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I’m Back peoples, and the PNB too!

HELLO PEOPLES!  I am here to make an announcement…..


Yea, I just made a new post.  I’m hoping that all the authors will come back(i’m talking about you cybertron, XD) you know, Jaz, Shadoo, you know.  I just wanted to tell everyone out there!

Also, I’m back from the dead! My blog( is running too.  Also, I am center in football now.

~Neat Tornado



Have you heard about Tron? The 1982 movie?

Cool movie, huh? The reason I wrote about it is because Disney is making a NEW Tron movie called Tron Legacy…

Man… Tron Legacy looks like a cool movie, don’t you think? I can’t wait for December 17th… did i see the trailer right? it said December 17th. That’s a long time… not cool Disney, not cool.  But, even without that, it’s a long gap between the 1982 movie and this 2010 movie. I wonder why…..

~Neat Tornado

What up, Peoples!

Hey Peoples!  Neat Tornado in the house… or blog, that is. 😀   I am so happy to be part of the staff! Special thanks to CyberTron for letting me on this blog! Lets see… I like chocolate, corn dogs, and this blog(of course). Well… that’s all I have to say…………. for now. 👿

See ya!

~ Neat Tornado

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