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Well, I decided to make a review page on the blog where I review books, movies, blogs, websites, video games, stuff like that. Speaking of reviews, go check out Annie’s Review Blog, an awesome review blog of hers! Rock out!



It’s a fantastical world, you know.

Last Tuesday, I went to……… [please enter your guess in here] Just kiddin’, to Jim Henson’s Fantastical World exhibit, which was sorta like a walk through Jim’s archives, which I thought was really cool. Ya know why? Because I saw some awesome stuff, like the real Kermit the Frog from the 1970’s, Rowlf the Dog, sketches, outfits and props from the movie, The Dark Crystal, and more!


Er, well, I haven’t been here, because I just saw the email xD

Well, hiya! My name’s Reed, or RavenclawGurl, or Hecate, or Incredible Monster, or Tian. YES, I go by a lot of ncknames! :mrgreen: Well, I don’t have much left to say, but thanks Cybertron, for adding meh,


A rockin’ weekend.

This weekend was filled with awesomeness. On Saturday, I went to Uncle’s B-Day, I know what you’re thinkin’, “Blah blah blah. Cut to the chase already!” After that, I saw one of the coolest things on Earth, Walking With Dinosaurs: The Arena Spectacular!!! 😀 The show was mostly a robo-dino sorta thing, but some got super close to you and roared in ya face! So, it was nice. So, next up, Father’s Day. After the gift giving and whatnot, we went to a AEROSMITH concert pool party!  I was in da pool 24/7, but I still ate some good ol’ cupcakes. Speaking of which, I could eat some right now! :mrgreen: *gets a box of cupcakes*  CUPCAKES FOR ALL!!! Also, today was my last day of school! T. G. I. Summer! Peace out, world!

Poptropica: Skullduggery Island

You probably know about Poptropica, an online world where you can explore, collect, and compete. Well, their newest island is called Skullduggery Island. In that island, you must trade to make doubloons to upgrade ships and hire crew members, battle evil pirates and sea monsters, and travel on your ship and find new lands throughout the sea! Seems cool? If you do, check it out on Poptropica.com!  Here’s also a link to see the official trailer to check out what it’s really like before you play!  So, peace out, peeps!


Have you heard about Tron? The 1982 movie?

Cool movie, huh? The reason I wrote about it is because Disney is making a NEW Tron movie called Tron Legacy…

Man… Tron Legacy looks like a cool movie, don’t you think? I can’t wait for December 17th… did i see the trailer right? it said December 17th. That’s a long time… not cool Disney, not cool.  But, even without that, it’s a long gap between the 1982 movie and this 2010 movie. I wonder why…..

~Neat Tornado

Toy Story 3: The Video Game

This game rocks. And I love it because of one thing, and that’s Toy Box Mode! You might have seen the commericals or maybe been on the website, but still, it’s the only reason I want the game. It’s kinda like a build your own level sort of thing, you can add (or even create!) characters, change background type, and a ton of cool stuff! Speaking of the game, the movie sounds pretty awesome too! The game’s released on June 15, and the movie June 18! Also, since I have Comcast, I found out that a short called “Day & Night” will be shown before the movie starts! It’s pretty cool! So I hope you see the movie soon and/or buy the game! So, CyberTron out!

It’s the Muppets!

Yes, The Muppets, the best performers of all time! I love them so much! Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo, and all the rest of them are super cool! I don’t know any peeps on the WWW that like them, so if you do, please comment and tell me! Go Muppets!

Edit: In tribute to them, I have some YouTube Vids!  This one goes to Kermit!  And this one to Cookie!

What up, Peoples!

Hey Peoples!  Neat Tornado in the house… or blog, that is. 😀   I am so happy to be part of the staff! Special thanks to CyberTron for letting me on this blog! Lets see… I like chocolate, corn dogs, and this blog(of course). Well… that’s all I have to say…………. for now. 👿

See ya!

~ Neat Tornado

The Reviews Blog!

Hello! Today, I made a new blog called “Annie’s Reviews Blog”. I’m gonna be reporting about films, books, websites or blogs I like!! Click here to go to my Review Blog. It is quite new, so it will not have a lot of things. So…ENJOY!!

And I haven’t made any reviews yet, but keep your eyes peeled for the first one, which is coming up in a few days!!

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