This is the rule page where the rules will be posted. The rules will be changes at various times so check the rules daily.

Commenting Rules:

  1. When commenting, no swearing, spamming,  teasing  or getting in fights with any other viewer viewing the blog.
  2. Use good grammar and spelling so I can understand what you’re saying. For example,

Bad: good job job on th bog. Cybrton!     Good: Good job on the blog Cybertron! 

Rules About Copying:

  1. No copying anything off the blog. If you want to copy anything off the blog, please, please, please ask me.
  2. Please tell me if I’m copying anything off your blog if you have one. I don’t want to be a criminal.

If anyone is breaking these rules, please tell me by commenting below.

  1. Can I use of the words in rule 1? 😀

    CyberTron: Of course! You’re part of this blog too!

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