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Would you rather see or be seen?

Believe me, I’d rather see, than be seen

You can do much more things in life seeing other places or interesting people. People who like to be seen spend their time in one place, stay there for the rest of their life, waiting for someone to see them. Sometime I’d like to be seen, talk with someone, be admired, but all my life? No way!

You’re in charge today. You make the rules.

New Rule: Everything you imagine is real.

There’s nothing wrong with imagination. Try and take it to the furthest point.
Everything you imagine is real.
Imagine a cloud becomes your best friend. Imagine all you wishes come true. Imagine you live in a fairytale. Imagine you are a princess. Imagine you can fly. Imagine that today, everything you imagine becomes real.

Where do all of these cool questions come from? PLINKY.COM!

Click here to read the post about it.

I hope you like Plinky! Here’s a question to get you thinking…

You’re in charge today. You make the rules.

List what’s going to be different.

Rule 1:

Explain why this changes now:

*Walks away, instead of disappearing for a change*
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