My Friendz

I have a lot of friends. ALOT. But this page tells my internet friends. So, here’s the list.

Annie: Annie is one of the most nicest, friendliest, and coolest friend I know. She’s also a author on this blog and on the PNB too, just like me! there’s one thing I’d like to say. GO ANNIE!!! :mrgreen: 😀 :mrgreen: 😀

Shadoo: I first met Shadoo while I was on viewing the PNB (before I worked there.) THen after I joined the PNB team, I asked if I could join FRost CIty, he said yes, and we became good internet friends! 3 cheers for Shadoo!! 😀

Neat Tornado: NT’s a author on the PNB, and on this blog,  and really the first time I heard of him, it was through an e-mail! :mrgreen: So, say hi to him whenever you can, beacuse, well, he’s awesome! 😀

More friendz comin’ soon!

  1. OH MY CHEESE! SO SWEET!! Can I have a part in the page?? 😀

  2. Oooh…… I’m your friend!!!!! Can I have a part in this page???? PLEASE???? *puppy eyes*

  3. Can I have a part in the page?

    CyberTron: Course!

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