Orphan Child


Orphan Child:

The story of a young boy, with a dream.



It’s 12:oo midnight, and a young woman lays down a newborn baby boy with no name  on the front steps of the orphanage. she rings the doorbell then quickly runs away with tears dropping from her eyes . An old woman opens the door and looks down at him. “Well, what’s this? She picks him up and puts him in a cradle near the window.  “Why, it’s a baby boy!  Hello! I’m Martha. I’m  so sorry that you don’t have a family. You’ll be all right with me.”  The baby eyes starting to get teary. “Oh, don’t worry! It okay! ” she said. Then the baby started to hear a song. A soothing song. A Beatles song.  “How knows how long I’ve loved you…..”  He stopped crying. He likes it. Then Martha layed him back in his cradle. “Wait, he needs a name!  But what should it be? Oh well, maybe I’ll get an idea from my book.”  She layed in her bed and started reading.

The sun was beating on Connor’s face as he walked on the smooth sand of the desert. He was feeling like he was going to die. He walked a few more feet then he saw a tiny house. Then two. Then eight. Then he saw a whole colony. He was saved!

“Wait, that’s it! I’ll name him Connor!” she said as she walked to his cradle. “Hi Connor,” she said as he walked over to her bed.  “You know, I was an orphan too. Life was rough for me. But I promise, life’s not going to be as rough as mine was.” she said softly.

Then 10 years later….


Chapter 1:

Free As A Bird

“I’m bored…..”  Juilan said. “I know……. so boring”  Rose said. “Hey guys! Look at the bright side. At least we’re not having to live in a dark alley. Still, I wonder what it’s like. To live in the outside world.” Connor said.  “Dinner!” Martha shouted.


Chapter 1 is to be continued. (bom bom bom)


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